7. DAMAGE. Customer agrees to return the Rented Property in the same clean, good working, and undamaged condition as when rented or Customer will be charged for its cleaning and repair, and if the Rented Property is destroyed, lost, stolen, or seized, Customer agrees to pay to ABC the full replacement cost of the Rented Property (including transportation and destination charges) plus the cost of lost rental on the Rented Property during any period of nonuse. THE FAILURE TO RETURN THE RENTED PROPERTY MAY SUBJECT CUSTOMER TO CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. If Customer does not obtain the damage waiver, Customer must pay for all damage to the Rented Property, which occurred after Customer took possession of it and prior to its return to ABC. If Customer obtains the damage waiver, Customer will not pay for damage to the Rented Property due to an accident occurring during such period while Customer or another ABC authorized user was using it with ordinary care (Example: Hitting a sewer pipe which is sticking up from the ground with a lawnmower, is not using ordinary care).