Pin The Tail On The Donkey Frame Game

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Delivery and Pickup is available based on zip code. Deliveries are made to a convenient point for the delivery vehicle to park. Setup and Takedown is extra. Extra charges will result in deliveries to upstairs, elevator use or any point where extra time is involved.

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This Pin The Tail On The Donkey Frame Game is smaller than the traditional frame-game, making it much more convenient. It can go just about anywhere, Plus, transportation and storage is a snap. (Set up time:under 5 minutes.) Twister's Pin the Tail on the Donkeycan be packaged together to create an attractive rental. Also, Pin the Tail on the Donkey can go out by itself or as an add-on item with other products.  

Pin the Tail on the Donkey  Includes:

  •  Colorful canvas backdrop & Accessories
  • Steel framework


    Stakes for outdoor use
  •  Durable, wheeled carrying case 

 Each frame game comes with a colorful & rugged canvas, as well as a heavy-duty framework. Plus, it all breaks down to fit into it's own wheeled carrying case for easy storage and transportation. Best of all, it can be set up in minutes by one person.  


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