Rainbow Bounce House

Rental Rate Descriptions

Daily = Customer pickup price. Due back by 9 am the next day regardless of pickup time (Not a 24 Hour Rental) 

Weekend = Customer pickup price. Friday Noon to Monday 5pm

Daily with Delivery & Setup = Includes Delivery, Setup and Tear-down within 10 miles of the store. Installation of inflatables must be staked into Grass. ABC Requires a minimum 48 hour window prior to and after event for setup & tear-down. Final price subject to change.

Professional Staffing = Available on all inflatables for an additional $100.00 per person per hour. Available in 2 or 4 hour increments. Includes (1) ABC professionally trained staffers to oversee the use of the inflatable so you can devote all your attention to your guest. Required staffers vary per inflatable.

INSURANCE NOTE: Any use other than at a residential address and in a individuals name (ie. Parks, businesses, schools, non profit organizations or fundraisers, etc.) is considered a public event and ABC requires the renteto provide a certificate of insurance that must name ABC hardware & Rental Incorporated as an additional insured

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This Rainbow Bounce House is a great entertainment source for all kinds of events. If you are looking for a bounce house for a party or one for a family event, the kids will be having so much fun, the parents can enjoy their event without having to worry about the kids being bored. Whether a child is seeking exhilarating fun or the child at heart wishes to have a blast, getting one of these is sure to create fun for a lifetime. To have a bounce house allows children to burn off energy as well as having as much fun as they can, to their hearts content. 

When these bounce houses are constructed, safety is a main feature in building them. Bounce houses today meet as incredible amount of standards, therefore, each and every one is checked for, safety issues, and building construction for the safety of the customers and their children.

What you will need:

  • A level clean area of grass approx. 18'w x 25'd with no overhead obstructions such as power lines or trees.
  • Hammer for the stakes.
  • 20 amp electrical power outlet or 5000 watt or larger generator.
  • 12 gauge extension cord max. 50'. 
  • Vehicle Requirements: This unit will fit in most SUV, Mini Van or Pickup Truck. Rear seat may need to be removed before loading into your vehicle. Will not load in any cars/car trunk.  


Occupancy: 4-6

Height: 42 inches/3.5 feet

Weight: evenly distributed between occupants

Max Weight/total allowed inside inflatable: 500 pounds


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Bounce Yourself Silly

Aug 13th 2018

Loads of giggles! Great for a Mermaid Birthday Party!